The church family at Corbin is very mission oriented. Givings thru the years have been to UMCOR, boxes for soldiers, Cookson Hills Mission, Safe Homes, Haiti as well as local giving to the Caldwell Food Bank.

For 6 weeks, many of the church family went once a week to work at the UMC Conference Hot Food Trailers to prepare and serve food to the workers who were cleaning up after their tornado. Cookies were made and packaged and taken at that time. There were about 12,000 cookies sent from Corbin, Caldwell and South Haven communities.

Stuffed Animals were brought in November and set in the pews. They "worshipped" with the church family, were held and loved and before Christmas were taken to Cookson Hills Mission in Cookson Ok to be shared with Christians there.

A request from the Conference was sent to the churches of Ks West for prayer shawls for Annual Conference. Corbin women responded and a total of 72 shawls were given.

Birthing kits, School Kits and Health Kits have been donated in past years and sent to UMCOR. Health Kits were also donated for the Haiti earthquake.

Corbin UMC took up the challenge to sponsor a Numana packaging event. The goal for the day was a shipping container of food which was to be sent to Haiti. This was a daunting challenge! Nutritious food and vitamins were individually packaged. This event, held in March of 2010, was held at the Caldwell Community Building. School children, retirees and everyone else came and packaged the meal items all day long. Over $80000 was donated for this event and the group was just short of the goal of 85,000 meals. Since then, church family members have attended other packaging events.

A goal of 25,000 pills was set to send to Haiti with Empowering Haiti, a group of medical personnel who make annual trips to northern Haiti to help with medical care. The request was for pain relievers and vitamins. The Corbin Church Family was able to donate more than 27,000 pills which were sent with the Empowering Haiti group.

Items were donated for Thanksgiving bags to be given to the Caldwell Food Bank. Some of the items were: stuffing, pumpkin, pudding, cranberries, pie shell , potato flakes, canned vegetables and a turkey or chicken. Items were put together after worship before Thanksgiving in 2011. Canned goods are brought monthly and given to the food bank.

Three Soldiers received a box of cookies each last winter from the Corbin Church family.

Hygiene items were donated and taken to the Cowley-Sumner Safe Homes Organization in May of 2012.

Seven from Corbin/Caldwell took prepared food to the UMC Open Door Shelter in Wichita in July. They served bbq pork sandwiches with fresh veggies, chips, fruit cups and cake. More than 140 homeless were served. Another meal will be taken October 4. We served two meals during 2013 and two have already been set up for 2014.

In August, 2012, after much prayer and contemplation, Jim and Jolene Evans and their four children left their home in Oklahoma and moved to Chongwe, Zambia, Africa to work in the African bush. Jim became an agriculture instruction in the International Bible College, and the entire family began missionary work in the area. Jolene grew up in Caldwell and graduated with the CHS class of 1988. Her parents were Joe and Jeanette Ehlers, and her grandparents were Jim and Helen Buresh. Many groups and individuals around the Caldwell area contacted Jolene and asked her what type items they could use in their ministry. Lists were sent, and in May, 2013, Corbin UMC accepted the challenge to gather items and send them to Zambia.
Items must be shipped to Zambia via priority mail; no UPS or Fed Ex delivery in the bush! Collection of items continued throughout May, and enough items were collected to fill 10 large priority mail boxes. Toni Wolff was in charge of packing the boxes, completing the custom papers, and mailing the boxes. By July all the boxes had reached the Evans family. Items sent included flip flops of all sizes which filled four of the boxes; gum, lifesavers, M&M’s and bags to put them in to be used at the medical clinic as treats; gloves, socks, and fabric for skirts; crochet hooks and yarn for blankets; toys and games to be used at the medical clinic; scissors, paper, paint brushes, pencils, pens, erasers and chalk to be used at school and Bible study; lots of plastic storage bags of various sizes; lots of garden seeds of all types; toiletries such as toothpaste and brushes and sanitizer. Once again, Corbin UMC reached out in mission to those spreading God’s word across the world.
A Mission Fund was created at the July Administrative Board meeting, The purpose of this fund is to offer financial help to those regularly attending and/or participating members of the Corbin United Methodist Church congregation who wish to go and serve in the mission field.
Guidelines for this special fund were approved at the September meeting. They will soon be posted on the bulletin board. If you would like to donate specifically to this fund, please note MISSION FUND on your check. The dream of the board is to build this fund by donations and prayers.