Virginia and I attended the Leadership Institute 2016 at the Church of Resurrection on Overland Park from 29 – 30 September. This is an Annual Event which I attend as part of my Continuing Education. This event bring together people from all over the country, this year’s attendance was well over 2000, including individuals, stu-dents and church groups. Events included ple-nary sessions, featured workshops, breakout sessions, and worship. Thank you all for praying for us, and making it possible for us to attend. In between workshops we came together to think through the many issues raised, and we thought through those issues that had implications for our ministry.
Out of the many sessions we participated in, I will share with you our lessons from just three, starting with the plenary sessions led by Adam Hamilton. (I will however continue sharing some more from the Leadership Institute). Adam Ham-ilton was keynote speaker. He spoke about his exploration of Mt. Sinai, the Nile, the Red Sea and the Wilderness in February 2016. He de-rived ten lessons from this experience, which he related to church leadership; leading in the wil-derness. There were great insights for leader-ship. At the end of the session all participants were given a copy of his upcoming book Creed: What Christians Believe and Why. Please look out for this book which will be in book stores in December 2016.
The second that I will share about is Hayden Shaw. “Haydn Shaw is a leading expert on the multiple generations, leadership, change, and turning around negative work environments and employees. Haydn has worked with more than 1,000 businesses, not-for-profit, and govern-mental organizations. He is the author of Generational IQ: Christianity Isn’t Dying, Mil-lennials Aren’t the Problem, and the Future is Bright. He also writes on generations and lead-ership for the Huffington Post.” ( Hayden gave us a fresh, exciting and hopeful perspective of Christianity – so dif-ferent from what we hear every day; that Christi-anity is dying. He argues that NO, Christianity is
not dying. I have returned back a renewed per-son. No, Christianity is not dying! What an en-couragement it was for us to get back to busi-ness and bring the best that is in us! Don’t be surprised with my new sense of hope and ex-citement! I am full of the Christian hope. Hayden Shaw shared a lot from his experience working with millennials and multi-generational churches. Critical to his presentation was his insights of how to improve our generational intelligences to overcome the general challenges that are crip-pling the church.
The third experience is from a featured work-shop that was led by Sue Nilson Kibbey. Sue works for the West Ohio Conference as Director of Missional Church Consultation Initiative. Sue raised many issues which have implications for the church; they include the following: “Why is it that some churches or ministries today, rather than featuring soul-feeding discipleship that fer-tilizes spiritual growth and multiplies leaders, instead more closely resemble a group of peo-ple practicing a routine of congregational life to-gether…while wondering if this is all there is? Pastors and leaders do not always recog-nize or embrace the powerful leverage of Con-flux Moments, which are what can shift your church from a place of occasional flickers of spiritual inspiration into an irresistible, spiritual-growth-motivating environment of transforma-tional change. You can learn to intentionally set the stage for Conflux Moments—and to vantage them–at the personal spiritual level, through worship, within classes or activities that can link to become their own discipleship pathway, and as you reach out to your mission field. Let a new awareness of the potential of Conflux Moments bring you a different lens to see what can hap-pen.”(

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Pastor Jacob